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Latest Editions - Kokopelli and the Howling Wolf

If your into Native American styles pleas make sure to check out our latest editions.

Howling Wolf Belt Buckle


Western Belt Buckles

Over the past few days as I've been working on adding hundreds of Western Belt Buckles. I started to wonder about the origins.

Confederate Belt Buckles

Do you have a confederate flag mounted in the bed of your pickup truck? Still think Texas should secede? show your southern pride with our new line of confederate belt buckles. We've got a great selection of high quality confederate themed buckles.

Skull belt buckles

Possibly the hottest fashion accessory on the market, the skull belt buckle. We've added an incredible collection of skull belt buckles.

Groomsmen Gifts

You know when I got married I didn't even realize it was customary to give a gift to my groomsmen. I think I just thought the future Mrs. handled everything and all I had to do was just agree. For the most part I was right but looking back on it I now realize that it would have been a nice touch for me to handle the groomsmen gifts.

Belt Buckles on Sale

Your going to be thrilled with this. We've put just about every belt buckle on sale. Hugely discounted prices on our high quality American made belt buckles.

Belt buckle knives on a plane

OK guys just don't do this.

That's not our knife but it would certainly be along the same lines as far as the law goes. Although the knife is not illegal. If you are using it some bad way the law is going to figure out how to prosecute you for it.

Hey a baseball bat is not illegal but if you thump someone on the head with it then the judge will look differently upon it.

Cheap belt buckle knives

Our knives are totally the best. You get what you pay for. Save your money and get ours. But if you really can only afford like 10 bucks then you might consider these cheap Belt buckle knives

A great page on belt buckle knives

Check out this very informative page on belt buckle knives. It describes a variety of knives and the legalities. Belt Buckle Knives on Squidoo

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